Winter Watch All Wrapped Up

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When spring is approaching we find the evenings stay lighter day by day.   It’s a gradual process.  But  when winter approaches, after our glorious summer holidays lead into autumn by way of halloween and bonfire night, the change is much more dramatic – it seems to come at us much more quickly and yet logically, it must  take the same amount of time as spring takes to arrive.  Having a well lit garden or outside space is critical these days – with so much time spent at home,  families can struggle to find enough space for everybody who lives together.  Being able to spread out to the back yard or garden is a massive benefit.  Even in the depths of winter, gardens offer a fantastic breathing space – watching nature whilst wrapped up warm, sitting in a hidden spot can be greatly enhanced by the addition of a few low lights.  These don’t always put off regular nocturnal visitors and you find an incredible selection plodding or scurrying about  ‘after hours’, which you’d not see if the garden was completely in the dark