Winter Floral Shows Thin On The Ground

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It’s interesting watching a professional gardener doing the autumnal clear out.  At one time my father’s gardener would clear all the borders of every bit of dead and dying plant material ready for the winter dormancy.  The parent plant would be checked over that there was no damage to any plant that could allow insects or other irritant to compromise its growth.   Today’s idea seems to be to leave all the greenery until well after it’s gone brown and dead looking for the birds and wildlife to make nests or feed on.  It makes the garden look excessinvely unmept and not at all as though a garden is employed at all.  I should really go round commercial gardens to see what they look like in mid winter, but of course they’re all shut normally at this very time of year.  A couple of my favourites have glossy pics for what’s on show in each moth of the year – if only my December show could be as impressive as just one border!