Up Or Down Lighting For Garden Beauty

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When we think of garden lighting, it’s fair to say that most folk will imagine a row of mini street lights or huge bulbs hanging at intervals down the garden.  It’s only when you’ve visited a garden that’s had a professional lighting scheme installed that you realise what a fantastic effect it will have.  The trees that have adorned their space for maybe years, looking lovely, as they should, suddenly take on a completely different beauty at nght.  There are of course choices to be made – as with all schemes – do you want uplighters that enhance the height of shrubs and trees and give a supremely spacious feel to he area.   Or there are downlighter which broadens shrub to the evening viewer.  Whatever scheme is chosen however, if the power is derived from the mains, then a professional must be involved.  Many an amateur has met with ghastly accidents from cutting this essential corner.