Throwing A Light On The Beauty Of A Winter Garden

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It is more usual at this time of  year, when autumn has scurried off quicker than anticipated, to be replaced by rip roaring gales and torrential rain, for us to all hunker down and not venture out of the back door or patio doors until at least March.   Maybe the exception will be to take stuff out to the bins, and then the bins out to the drive for emptying.  But this is such a shame.  Winter gardens are stunning, and whilst gardens are illuminated throughout the summer evenings for making the most of the late warmth for cocktails on the patio with the neighbours, there is much to be said for extending this lighting period to the winter months.

A gently lit garden will really make the family appreciate the outside space, the beauty of the garden and it’s winter wildlife.  A garden is a mini paradise – and not just a means to get to the bin.

Posted on: November 24, 2016, by : Kiah Vicks