Take Care Not To Feed Plants Without Hydration

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Oh the wonders of spring time, especially in a year that started off with such bad weather.  For the first time in decades we seem to be completely submerged in pelting snow and hailstorms – such a peculiar combination.   It was pretty disruptive too, from the point of view of keeping the delicate plants from  going brown and dying through frostbite.    Oh and of course, there were the two or three really serious storms – bad enough to have names given to them.    So now that globawl warming is beginning to affect the gardens to a much greater extent than we have imagined it could, we need to step up and really think about how to plant the right things to meet these challenges.  I personally love roses and hydrangeas and have lots of both – in an abundance of forms.  This was fine a few years ago but they are both water guzzling shrubs and require constant love and attention to keep them strong.  Just feeding at the wrong time without plenty of regular hydration will burn them out – great rusty patches come to show they’ve been overfeed and their growth will be inhinited.  The same with grass.