Sustainable Wood Furniture Must Be Chosen Over Plastics

I just love the autumn – those crisp mornings when you know it will eventually get warmer but just at the moment you take your constitutional around the garden before breakfast, well it has that anticipatory feel and smell. IAlthough chillier, I just love sitting on my wooden picnic chairs and just taking time out to I take stock of the changes around the garden. I notice too that the cats are much more perky – the heat of the summer months must make them lethargic because they’re much brisker as they jump about trying to catch the birds. They just love a nice warm wooden patio set – when the sun comes out they lap up the rays big time. Knowing where to get patio and garden furniture can be a challenge sometimes. Do you go for the every day plastic and metal stuff that the chainstores sell, or do you, like me, prefer something that bit more invidual – that can show a bit more imagination and appreciation of the world around us – less plastic, more sustainable wood please!