Smart Furniture Scheme Morphs Into Shapeless Patio

Now christmas fever has passed we are back to our normal run of events …. we can think about long lazy days in the back garden.  If hard landscaping is a feature on this summers wish list, then now is the time to be consulting the experts.   Doing the labour ourselves is all well and good up to a point, but it can be much harder than you imagine.    One of my neighbours had their son in law do a ‘patio’ for her a couple of years ago.  Her original plan had been to section off one part of the grassed area and put new garden furniture there for the few occasions a year when she entertains.  Having asked for assistance, it snowballed to him actually putting down patio slabs.   It’s not a very good job, uneven and slightly wobbly.  She so wishes she’d stuck with the classy new furniture scheme !