Containing Those Hard Landscaping Plans

Just looking at the numerous garden magazines and online sites, it’s obvious that plant suppliers are now beginning to wake up to the fact that we are in the midst of a climatic crisis and to keep our gardens going, we’ll have to adopt newer water reduction schemes.   There are many plants that can adapt to having less water and I discovered this winter, by watching a well known gardening god on tv, that I’ve been far too generous with the sprinkling and that most of my 100 percent clay garden will be absolutely fine with just a once weekly dose, or even fortnightly if it’s not been too hot.  The containers will still need regular watering – that’s the nature of them and this is a point that has to be considered by anyone who is thinking of replacing a conventional lawn and border front or back garden with hard landscaping – where will the rain drain off to and is it wise to replace soft living landscaping with containers that need endless watering on dry days?