Preparing For The Withering Winter Effects

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This year has really gone very fast – it is unbelievable that we are in the latter months and the festive season will be upon us very very soon.   Apart from the business of dealing with shopping for presents and hauling down the decorations and getting that perfectly shaped tree installed, there is the small matter of the garden needing to have some special attention.  I find it painful watching favourite plants appearing to wither and die, after giving off their best show and colour.  Of course, with planning, expert garden design and experience, it is possible to have a continuous flow of colour throughout the year – there are many plants that happily bloom through even the darkest months of the year.  I now do have a selection of helebores and hebes in a range or pretty pinks and deep magenta shades.  These work so well with the dark green shiny leaves on each.  If there is one thing I have learned from the gardening sites, it’s how to fill out a large border with very attractive shiny green foliage with just a few extra hardy blooms dotted about!