Making The Garden Behind The Party Go Bang

I was attending a function in a nearby village hall recently. We’d all arrived in daylight to set the hall up. Knowing I would be needing to have my car nearby, as I was one of two taxis for lots of old folk. I asked the owner of a house behind the hall if I could use her driveway as she was away. Yes came the reply – so all set. The party went as usual, slightly chaotic and even more so when the guests from other villages arrived to join in. Something that we’d overlooked completely was how dark it is early on outside that hall. There is only one main light that comes on when triggered by motion but then it goes off again quickly. The fun really started when I went to retrieve my car at 11pm – I entered the private estate through the big gate which had been closed by a neighbour. Gingerly I got it open and then realised it was absolutely pitch black round there so I was stumbling along falling over lawn edging and into rose bushes as I lost my sense of direction completely – I know that driveway in the day time. I was grateful for use of the drive but next day popped an advert for a local garden lighting specialist – they could do with their sweeping driveway made just a little safer!