Local Village Garden Delights Always Inspire

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I have had connections with a small village near me for many years, by having moved there from a big town.  I had hoped to find the sort of gorgeous village of my youth, but as we all know, there’s no turning clocks back.   The village itself is somewhat raggy with a few social houses which are not kept in any good order – with tiny gardens filled with junk.  However, on the outskirts, in the original part of the village there are two truly remarkable gardens.  They both have beautiful flowing flower borders and have just the right kind of lighting scheme to make their displays even more exceptional when we attend evening events.  They open annually for the national charity scheme and there’s always a huge amount of interest in ‘this  year’s theme’ with the owners of each garden taking great care not to let their respective cat out of the bag.  It inspires the rest of us small garden owners to really take our craft more seriously.