Lighting Up That Special Spots Can Be Engaging


In the past, our family have had a variety of gardens.  Having started off in a corporation supplied house when they were moved out of the city after the war, they had a massive garden with the house.  This was to encourage families to grow their own vegetable and fruit to help ease the burden on family expenditure as much as anything.  As my parents settled into their own family life, they bought their first home, a small bungalow, with a sizeable plot.  This was split, half for vegetables and practical things and the other half laid to lawn with just the odd shrub.  There were no trees or architecurally attractive show pieces.

Today, lots of gardens, even small ones, can have one or two specimens that will really look amazing if lit up in the darker hours.  With the emphasis on relaxed living, external lighting helps to give the garden more year round appeal.

Posted on: April 7, 2017, by : Kiah Vicks