Lighting Up Lives After Horrendous Storm

solar panels

We have just had a tremendous storm – the visciousness of that wind took everyone by surprise, although the weather presenters have been banging on about this one for some time.  I had a few plants potted up on the large patio table which I hoped had enough building around it to stop any stray gusts taking off with my newly propogated babies.  Only a couple of items hit the deck with more speed than might be safe.  The fence panels were wobbling horribly when I looked out in the night – this is something you can’t really do a great deal about – to replace unsteady posts, you need to demolish the panels, so you might as well have a fencing contractor come in and replace the posts and two or three surrounding panels.  The lighting is most carefully watched over – it is our pride and joy and was professionally installed – it lights our life in so many ways !

Posted on: December 7, 2017, by : Kiah Vicks