Lighting Up Inspirational Gardens

exterior lighting garden design

There is something truly magica about being able to go round a garden on a winter evening and suddenly lights start coming on and going off at different times.  The taller trees look so different at nght when the uplighters are positioned to perfectly reflect their elegance – the shadows from their branches and twigs making the atmosphere slightly spooky.  With downlighting available to show the shrubs and tall plants at the back of the borders and tiny border set lighting reflecting up into the herbaceous displays, every aspect of the gardener’s hard and diligent work is highlighted to perfect effect.  These garden lighting schemes are no longer just the preserve of the rich and mighty, a reasonable scheme can be achieved with the help of a trained garden designer.  The safety aspect has to be handled professionally – buying a  diy kit is all very well but the need to have everything installed by a professional is vital.   Tragic accidents occur every year in gardens of serious penny pinchers.