Lighting & Robins For Exsquisite Gardens

exterior lighting garden design

There can’t be anything more restful in the garden than lying back on a lounger, listening to birds hidden away in the tree.  I’m always trying to entice the little robins down to the feeding operation I’ve now got established.  Funny how a robin always make the garden a much cheerier place.  They dance about hopping around trying to get my attention.  I leave them, ignoring them for a few hours, hoping they’ll pick up all the spare bits and pieces I’ve tossed out on to the patio.  I can’t imagine having to go round picking up every scrap of bread or pie crust that makes its way outside!  This is where a good garden lighting system can be even more effective than just for show.  Anything that skulks around in the garden getting up to no good is automatically put on notice when the lighting comes on.  The illuminated parts are clear, any stray food can be rid from the garden and the vermin won’t get excited quite so quickly.   Trees and shrubs do look magnificent when the lighting is placed in the border, further out and pointing slightly off centre as it were.