Lighting Before Dawn Extends Garden Splendour

Ah these wonderful last couple of weeks of summer – the longest, hottest and driest on record in this country.  It seems so odd that we start the academic year in September and almost immediately the autumnal theme clocks in.  I personally love autumn – possibly because my birthday is in this period.  Those walks around the garden in the early light of day, capturing the last of the moonlight.  I like to put the lights on and have an early stretch of the legs – it’s incredible how much more alive the garden borders look with a carefully positioned beam of light circling a specimen shrub.  I have another lights angled to show favourite trees too.  In the early light, the rather too rapid change from summer to winter clothing is highlighted and I enjoy those subtle changes again in the evening when the same light throws a different angle.  Magic, at the touch of a programming button or two.