Light Up The Outdoors To Maximise Patio Potential

gardne furniture seasons

All through the spring, the weather can be changeable but generally fair to middling.  Then we roll gently into summer when we expect the weather to be a great deal warmer and sunfilled.  This is where there is no need to light up any areas of the outdoor space – the daylight starting to increase noticeably from about February and certainly from when we change the clocks on the last Saturday of March.   These extra light evenings mean that families can spread out and use the additional space offered by their garden.  Lots of meals can be enjoyed out on the patio or lawn with an carefree element entering the equation.

The same can happen during the autumn and winter months – not necessarily for eating meals outside, but with professionally supplied outdoor lighting, the garden can be enjoyed for evening cocktails, bar-b-qs and longer socialising than without lighting.   Add a patio space heater and wow, party possibilities!


Posted on: December 18, 2016, by : Kiah Vicks