Knowing How To Light Up A Country Garden

On this very crisp and frosty morning, I am delighting in watching the birds darting about and hopping around the plates of seeds and oats I’ve popped out for them.  I know that other creatures frequet my garden – I suspect fox or badger must be responsible for a couple of the interesting pad prints on my patio door sill.  This is one reason why subtle garden lighting at night is such a boon.  A friend in the next village has paid to have really good lighting installed around her garden.  She’s got quite a plot so a very thorough research project had to go on before she found the right company.  she needed reassurance they would provide the soft lights where needed – that would light up certain shrubs and trees and downlights where these suited better.  The pond looks absolutely fabulous in the evening too.   The company selected were thorough in their replies and offered several projects they could view !