Joys Of Organised Garden In Store

I’ve watched with great interest, a young couple with their family gradually expanding. First they had a little starter home, with a tiny little bit of back garden. This space was heaven for them though. The only way out to it was via the lounge/dining room patio door and at first it seemed blighted by a huge great storage shed that each property was supplied with by the developer. When the ‘garden’ was laid, they didn’t think to themselves that a huge shed would be better placed down by the fence, below the actual grass & border potential . . . No, they plonked it literally in the middle of the ‘lawn’ so no one could see round, through, under or over it. It was an eyesore and having a fixed bike rack within it – to encourage folk out of cars and onto bikes, it was also pretty impractical for anyone not planning to store several bikes. The shed was soon demolished and handed on to a family friend, desperate to put it on his allottment. The couple with the now shed-free back yard really made the most of that space with purpose built raised beds for vegetable & soft fruit production. They performed miracles in that funny little 10 x 15ft space!