Illuminated Evening Stroll Aids Restfulness

Most folk think that garden lighting is only to guide us from the back door down to the bin store or maybe out to the garage – or that only the very biggest estates warrant any kind of exterior lighting.   Today this is largely a myth – with the sophisticated schemes and easier installation, it is a fantastic way to extend the seasons and make more use of our very under appreciated outdoor space.  I know many families who spend hundreds of pounds at a time on good looking patio furniture – beautiful cane and polyprop manufactured loungers, deck suites etc.  and assume they’re only for the short summer bar-b-que season.  Not so.  With wiring in by a qualified installer, a range of uplighters and wall mounted lamps, the garden can take on a beauty of its own.  Being able to stroll amongst the shrubs and trees in the evening is calming and very restful.  Do try it!