Holiday Jaunts Inspire Garden Lighting Ideas


One of the joys of going to different parts of the country for short family breaks is the chance to look around different historic houses and castles – many a happy hour has been spent doing just that and I have seen some truly amazing gardens along the way.  All the professional gardens have their planting schemes, maybe a massive lake with a mass of water lillies proudly bobbing their heads for all to sea.   What is always a fascination for me is the lighting scheme in each – almost every one involves lighting of some sort or another.

Lighting in gardens is definitely a professional task – as is any lighting for that matter.  The prospect of an unexpected mix of electricity and rainy weather needs the legal touch to ensure safety to all.   A good garden lighting supplier will provide advice and technical information to help you get the best scheme installed for you.

Posted on: October 13, 2017, by : Kiah Vicks