High Beam Security Lights For Lifting The Gloom

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I was looking after my neighbour’s dog recently and it occured to me during the evening walkies that it gets dark very quickly now and as I have not had the outdoor lights sorted, it’s really dark out in the back garden.  Whenever a much loved pooch comes to stay here, I  have to stand in my open doorway, peering vaguely out into the vast blackness and hope that nothing untoward is happening down there in the far reaches of the garden.  I  have now arranged for my electrician to come and fit some powerful security lights on a corner bracket so one shines over the back garden in  wide arc and the other down the side passage to the gate leading to the front drive.  I did ask for standard outdoor lamps but the chap said that it was much more normal nowadays to have hi beams fitted to deter anyone who takes a fancy to rummaging about in other folks’ gardens – and bins – during the hours of darkness.