Give Boredom The Heave Ho With A Winter Bar-B-Q

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It’s a funny thing knowing that now Christmas has come, and gone again, after all those weeks of  grindingly monotonous  tv advertising, shops being horribly crowded and folk just generally crabby and not filled with the milk of human kindness!   All those presents that were bought, mostly in that mad dash around the shopping mall, in blind panic.  Then there was all that catering.  The cupboards groaning under the weight of those extra packs of peanuts and tins of chocs that are so absolutely essential.

When the tedium of the conventional Christmas really get to you all and it looks like world war 3 could commence at any moment, why not use that garden you have for an impromptu bar-b-q party!  Put those waxed jackets and thermal gloves on and get out there.  You just need decent exterior lighting and a whole new fun and harmonious world can lighten up for you all to enjoy.

Posted on: January 11, 2017, by : Kiah Vicks