Garden Tidy Up Rekindles Love Of Gardening

When you’ve lived in any house for more than a few years, there is a tendency for things to start to accumulate around the garden – those paving slabs left over from putting down the patio . . . .  The old greenhouse that was going to be so useful but in fact is sat in the shadows most of the day and thus no use to man nor beast.  These were issues I’ve dealt with lately – strangely as a result of needing to clear the garage . . . .  I had an old filing cabinet in there and decided a bulky waste collection was needed.  I rang the council and found I could send up to seven items for the modest fee.  This gave me the impetus to really look around my grounds and garage.  That old bike that one of the children had when they were twelve . . . the sadly battered and unsafe garden bench that has only held bags of garden compost. . . .  That greenhouse!  This poor old lean to, once fully glazed lost the glass in either side back in a massive storm years ago and so only the top and front remained.  The transformation has been wonderful.  I feel rejuvinated and it’s a pleasure to wander around the garden now and take a real interest in the plants and bulbs as they shoot up and I’ve ordered a new garden bench, to be take pride of place in the newly spruced up patio area, now free of the old broken paving slabs!