Garden Programme Lights Up New Designs


I was watching one of the major gardening programmes on mainstream tv catchup the other day – the presenter of the show was visiting a garden in the most remote part of the uk, and it was a really inspirational episode.  The hostess of the garden gave us a fantastic walk through from the top of her cliff top home, via many sets of winding steps and terraces, down to the lowest level which then led out eventually to a beach location.

There were many facets to this amazing garden – the placement of the trees and shrubs caught my eye as much as anything else.  The installation of garden lighting in different locations and for various purposes was enthralling.  The taller skinny trees had certain uplighters, other downlights were strung about and between big wide expanses.  The night time effect was truly magical and made me want to engage the services of a lighting expert forthwith!

Posted on: August 7, 2017, by : Kiah Vicks