Ensuring Exterior Lights Are Man Enough

Sometimes just a little lighting outside can be nearly as unhelpful as none at all. I’m thinking here of a neighbouring property. The lady living there has been wanting to have larger security lighting installed but her husband either can’t or won’t do anything about it. She is loathed to nag and insist he at least looks and so they have this mish mash of solar lights mounted on the fence and little posts in the borders. There is also a stick on light that’s supposed to be triggered by movement, but of course, these are much more successful when electrical and installed properly – placed in the most effective spots so that every human being that should be moving about the grounds are noted at any one time but the burglar or would be crook is only viewed as they’re sizing up the place and the gardens. Knowing how to illuminate one’s grander locations without incriminating the rest of the neighbourhood is a delicate but necessary task in today’s rather bewildering society – getting the experts onboard is by far the best method – it saves so much trouble in the end.