Emergency Car Stop Brings Gardens Info Focus

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I remember years ago, driving to the east of England for a camping holiday.  The car – a tiny 1970s mini,  was bulging with every bit of kit we owned and there was just enough room inside the front cabin for a driver and passenger with lunch in a small bag in the side pocket.  We trundled along, our plan was to get to site and get the tent up so we could relax and look around the gardens of the area.  Well, it being a rather old and very tired mini, we ended up stopping a few times en route.  This turned out to be one of the best trips we ever made, in any car.   We had  been bought joint membership of the main national heritage site and managed to stop at two, to use their facilites.  Of course, the houses were not open that early but the grounds were and whilst our poor old engine cooled down, we strolled around those gardens and really learned to appreciate the beauty of a well designed estate.