Container Dahlias – A Moveable Feast Of Colour

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I have had to rearrange the design of my garden several times over the years.  The need to have taller stuff at the back of the borders became more necessary when several of my middle border shrubs suddenly took off.     I have some purple headed flowers on stalks which were supposed to reach 90cm in a season but for some odd reason these have grown year after year taller and taller.  They now reach over 160cm.  So this has needed some rejigging of the arrangement.    Five sets of trellis have also been added to the fencing – all are covered in various types of clematis.  The early flowering come out from right to left to make the most of the way the light covers the garden through the seasons.  The use of pots and containers have allowed me to move clumps of colour when there is a gap somewhere in the border.  I have dahlias in these pots and they range from palest pink to deep magenta and every shade between.  It’s a fantastic method for me.