Illuminated Winter Country Garden

My Christmas was spent in the middle of the nowhere – quite literally.  The cottage was stunning, it’s somewhere I visit regularly throughout any year, more usually in the summer.  The remoteness is totally appealing.  No light pollution and being surrounded by just fields, some with trees crowding the picket fencing as far as the eye can see.   It is hard to imagine a more idyllic spot on earth.  When we’d finished lunch, we wandered into the conservatory with our coffees  and of course, at Christmas it got dark at 3pm!  This is where the wonderment came in – my hosts have installed fantastic garden lighting.  It looks stunning and has been carefully planned and a scheme devised with the help of this fantastic bunch of professionals.  There are gaduated beams from ground up, into the tall trees and different beams on the chalet style shed, with downward beams coming down from other trees.  Absolute magic!

A Well Designed Lighting Scheme Enhances The Outdoor Living Space

Now that the glorious summer days have receded into autumn, the heat has been replaced by a rather damp and chilly feel, there is just a bit more hesitation when an invite to tour the garden is offered.  The prospect of wandering about in the semi gloom of an October evening doesn’t seem quite as appealing as the thought of relaxing, long cocktail in hand, in one of the smart loungers obtained at great expense from a certain well known store.

But now is exactly the time to make much of the outside space, be it a flourishing herbacious border or a hard landcaped area with a miriad of pots, a good garden scheme can only be enhanced with well designed and thought out lighting scheme.  If there is a chance to put in a little water feature in the garden, lighting will make it look truly magical in the evening and this extra dimension will be a great advantage as an extra space.