Garden Lighting

Garden Programme Lights Up New Designs

I was watching one of the major gardening programmes on mainstream tv catchup the other day – the presenter of the show was visiting a garden in the most remote part of the uk, and it was a really inspirational episode.  The hostess of the garden gave us a fantastic walk through from the top of her cliff top home, via many sets of winding steps and terraces, down to the lowest level which then led out eventually to a beach location.

There were many facets to this amazing garden – the placement of the trees and shrubs caught my eye as much as anything else.  The installation of garden lighting in different locations and for various purposes was enthralling.  The taller skinny trees had certain uplighters, other downlights were strung about and between big wide expanses.  The night time effect was truly magical and made me want to engage the services of a lighting expert forthwith!

Magic Effects In A Well Lit Garden

On a recent visit to friends in a tiny village right out in the sticks, I was greatly impressed with a gardens I was lucky enough to be invited to look around.  They were getting ready for the forthcoming open day for the garden charity and as it was their first year, I suspect they were anxiously wanting to hear approving noises and comfortable words of praise.  They got it all from me – I found their garden so totally absorbing and beautiful that I was nearly speechless.

Not only did they have lots of little ‘rooms’ within the half acre plot, each one with a different theme, but to reflect the wooded land up the end of the farm track, they separated their garden spaces with trees and tall shrubs.  Normally this would have made it seem dark, but in their design were lenty of exterior lights – different sets, up uplighters, downlighters, strings within shrubs.  It was pure magic!

Dark Woody Garden To Enchanted Wood With Lighting

On a visit to a massive but relatively unknown heritage property, I was struck, not for the first time, by the sheer vastness of the place.   The walk up from the main car park is quite a hike – better on a fine day due to the uge number of large trees lining the broad avenue, which in the summer have much hanging down, making it a little dark and almost ‘Wild Wood’ story time!

Having wandered audible guide in hand, round the house, all very lovely and offering graciousness aplenty, it was time to meander around the garden.  Splendid areas of wonderful plants, herbaeous borders etc.  However what really tickled me was the outdoor lighting.  Fantastic globes of all shapes and sizes were installed in various areas of the grounds.  Some lit the trees and changed colours ocassionally and others conentrated light on the pathways.  It made an already satisfactory visit into something truly magical and a great success.

Outside Lighting Has Transformed Chaos Into Calm

Taking time out of a very busy schedule of work, travel to and from work, home and work . . . .    the need to get outside and really appreciate everything around me.  That was my plan at the ebginning of the year.  I wasn’t going to get back into the habit of sitting watching any daytime tv.  I was going to get out there and do gardening, redesigning my patch of back garden to turn it into a veritable oasis of calm and splendour.

The working on the design wasn’t too much of a difficulty.  I have always loved herbaceous borders and visit professional gardens very often when I et the opportunity.  There are some very notable ones in my immediate county area too.  What I really needed help with was the garden lighting.  Oh my gooness how my outdoor space needed the professional touch to get a safe, useful lighting scheme installed.  It has transformed my life entirely!

Lighting Up That Special Spots Can Be Engaging

In the past, our family have had a variety of gardens.  Having started off in a corporation supplied house when they were moved out of the city after the war, they had a massive garden with the house.  This was to encourage families to grow their own vegetable and fruit to help ease the burden on family expenditure as much as anything.  As my parents settled into their own family life, they bought their first home, a small bungalow, with a sizeable plot.  This was split, half for vegetables and practical things and the other half laid to lawn with just the odd shrub.  There were no trees or architecurally attractive show pieces.

Today, lots of gardens, even small ones, can have one or two specimens that will really look amazing if lit up in the darker hours.  With the emphasis on relaxed living, external lighting helps to give the garden more year round appeal.

Lighting Up A Dark Corner Lifts All Spirits

At this time of year, mid winter, it is all too easy to get despondent and a tad down in the dumps.  The heady summer days seem so far off, in both directions – last year’s successful and hilarious holiday is gone forever, bar a few pics on our fb page.  The forthcoming holidays, not even planned or paid for yet, are a million light years away – or so it seems.  The best way to enjoy the most of this quiet winter period is to get out in the garden.  Wrap up warm and really take stock of what is out there.

The best way to appreciate the wonders of your garden is to get proper lighting involved.  It is absolutely amazing how much better everything looks with well positioned lighting.  Engage the services of a professional studio for expertise  – you will be thrilled at how much of a lift you can get from a lit garden, all year round!

Uplighting For Trees & Plants Can Differ

How to light up a plant depends on how it will develop as a tree. Modern solar lights are considerably much more efficient at harvesting power. This technologies is set to continue enhancing and becoming even far more efficient in the subsequent couple of years. There are a lot of diverse types of these appliances obtainable based upon their shapes and sizes. They are utilised for different purposes, and producing various appears in the garden. This frame is in fact merely a shallow box into that the solar panels are positioned. Homemade solar panels are then mounted on wires which are threaded through the solar cells and into high capacity batteries. They can add beauty to the garden décor in several ways. Led appliances are either in round or pointed shapes. If the property is in the area that receives an ample quantity of sunlight, homemade solar panels can harness the force and shop it in batteries.

If you want to preserve your solar garden lights serving you for a lengthy time, then you need to have to keep particular items in mind.

Give Boredom The Heave Ho With A Winter Bar-B-Q

It’s a funny thing knowing that now Christmas has come, and gone again, after all those weeks of  grindingly monotonous  tv advertising, shops being horribly crowded and folk just generally crabby and not filled with the milk of human kindness!   All those presents that were bought, mostly in that mad dash around the shopping mall, in blind panic.  Then there was all that catering.  The cupboards groaning under the weight of those extra packs of peanuts and tins of chocs that are so absolutely essential.

When the tedium of the conventional Christmas really get to you all and it looks like world war 3 could commence at any moment, why not use that garden you have for an impromptu bar-b-q party!  Put those waxed jackets and thermal gloves on and get out there.  You just need decent exterior lighting and a whole new fun and harmonious world can lighten up for you all to enjoy.

Light Up The Outdoors To Maximise Patio Potential

All through the spring, the weather can be changeable but generally fair to middling.  Then we roll gently into summer when we expect the weather to be a great deal warmer and sunfilled.  This is where there is no need to light up any areas of the outdoor space – the daylight starting to increase noticeably from about February and certainly from when we change the clocks on the last Saturday of March.   These extra light evenings mean that families can spread out and use the additional space offered by their garden.  Lots of meals can be enjoyed out on the patio or lawn with an carefree element entering the equation.

The same can happen during the autumn and winter months – not necessarily for eating meals outside, but with professionally supplied outdoor lighting, the garden can be enjoyed for evening cocktails, bar-b-qs and longer socialising than without lighting.   Add a patio space heater and wow, party possibilities!


Throwing A Light On The Beauty Of A Winter Garden

It is more usual at this time of  year, when autumn has scurried off quicker than anticipated, to be replaced by rip roaring gales and torrential rain, for us to all hunker down and not venture out of the back door or patio doors until at least March.   Maybe the exception will be to take stuff out to the bins, and then the bins out to the drive for emptying.  But this is such a shame.  Winter gardens are stunning, and whilst gardens are illuminated throughout the summer evenings for making the most of the late warmth for cocktails on the patio with the neighbours, there is much to be said for extending this lighting period to the winter months.

A gently lit garden will really make the family appreciate the outside space, the beauty of the garden and it’s winter wildlife.  A garden is a mini paradise – and not just a means to get to the bin.