Blue Clockvine & Orange Campsis Fill Spaces Quickly

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I was out in Cyprus a few months ago and had the added joy of meandering around a really fascinating garden.  The climate there is very hot and dry most of the time but in the autumn and winter, certainly in recent years, they’ve had a lot more rain, bringing the more akin to a British summer . . . .   My hostess for the day has lived out there for some 10 years and circumstances dictate a frugal living so litle additional funding for her garden is available.  This has not stopped her turning a large half acre of arrid dessert like mud into an oasis of beautiful planting and greenery.  She has clevery acquired snippets of this and that, from kindly friends.  Campsis is rampant there – it happily covers walls and ugy old trees.  It has a huge trumpet shaped flower, usually reddy/orange, with a pretty pale green leaf not unlike a wisteria.   Another quick and prolific grower is Thunbergia grandiflora – a very beautiful blue trumpet flower on an evergreen vine.  So useful for those with vast spaces to cover quickly and very cheaply!