A Smart Outside Lighting Scheme Can Maximise Your Neighbour Appeal

You know how it is, you’re sat around enjoying a large glass of red (or two) with that awfully charming couple from the posh house up the top of your road, laughter and bonhomie spill out all over the place and everyone seems to be having an absolute ball.  Then the noisy neighbour with the fog-horn voice bellows that he can’t see the pathway back to the drinks trolley without some help.  Well, before you’re able to get the candles all lit and decorum re-established, the noisy beighbour does indeed slip over and send the whole trolley on its way.

If only you’d made an appointment with that jolly nice man from the specialist garden lighting company when he followed up your initial enquiry.  How much better to have been able to welcome your important drinking guests into your outside domain that is lit with a subtle informality that has them all secretly envying the wonderful evenings you always manage to put on.