The Pride & Passion Of A Northern Garden Owner

I was staying in a bustling market northern town that is immensley proud of itself. I haven’t been to that part of the country before so thoroughly enjoyed the area. My companion was happy to just wander around the many parks and colourful gardens. In fact one evening we were pretty engrossed in following a path through a Japanese section of the local municipal gardens, we didn’t really notice how dark it had got. Thankfully the lighting around us was fantastic. There were beautiful victorian style lamps dotted around and in a woody scene I was quite expecting Mr Tumnus from the famous childrens’ story to come falling at our feet! The other lighting was placed at the foot of tall trees and amongst the shrubs. It made a fantastic difference to the whole display – many acers and fabulously coloured leaf shrubs were enhanced so much more. This was a truly professional installation obviously but it did give some ideas for the smaller domestic gardener to make a display with lighting in their own grounds. Just needs that experienced expert in lighting, especially the outdoor variety.