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Kitting Out your Garden with a Pond

If you have ever wanted to make your garden truly unique, why not consider building a fantastic pond? There are plenty of websites which stock all the kit you could possibly need to build a unique pond, stock it with fish and have a wildlife habitat in your garden! We particularly like the site Real Aquatics because it is so obvious that these guys really do know their stuff. They clearly are experts on all things aquatic, from the building to the stocking and even the health of your fish. Everything you could need to build and develop a pond is available on this site. Ask them any questions you may have, and they will sort you out.
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Dark Woody Garden To Enchanted Wood With Lighting

On a visit to a massive but relatively unknown heritage property, I was struck, not for the first time, by the sheer vastness of the place.   The walk up from the main car park is quite a hike - better on a fine day due to the uge number of…

Outside Lighting Has Transformed Chaos Into Calm

Taking time out of a very busy schedule of work, travel to and from work, home and work . . . .    the need to get outside and really appreciate everything around me.  That was my plan at the ebginning of the year.  I wasn't going to get back into…

Lighting Up That Special Spots Can Be Engaging

In the past, our family have had a variety of gardens.  Having started off in a corporation supplied house when they were moved out of the city after the war, they had a massive garden with the house.  This was to encourage families to grow their own vegetable and fruit…
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Lighting Up A Dark Corner Lifts All Spirits

At this time of year, mid winter, it is all too easy to get despondent and a tad down in the dumps.  The heady summer days seem so far off, in both directions - last year's successful and hilarious holiday is gone forever, bar a few pics on our fb…

Uplighting For Trees & Plants Can Differ

How to light up a plant depends on how it will develop as a tree. Modern solar lights are considerably much more efficient at harvesting power. This technologies is set to continue enhancing and becoming even far more efficient in the subsequent couple of years. There are a lot of…
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Give Boredom The Heave Ho With A Winter Bar-B-Q

It's a funny thing knowing that now Christmas has come, and gone again, after all those weeks of  grindingly monotonous  tv advertising, shops being horribly crowded and folk just generally crabby and not filled with the milk of human kindness!   All those presents that were bought, mostly in that mad…
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Light Up The Outdoors To Maximise Patio Potential

All through the spring, the weather can be changeable but generally fair to middling.  Then we roll gently into summer when we expect the weather to be a great deal warmer and sunfilled.  This is where there is no need to light up any areas of the outdoor space -…
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Throwing A Light On The Beauty Of A Winter Garden

It is more usual at this time of  year, when autumn has scurried off quicker than anticipated, to be replaced by rip roaring gales and torrential rain, for us to all hunker down and not venture out of the back door or patio doors until at least March.   Maybe the…
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A Well Designed Lighting Scheme Enhances The Outdoor Living Space

Now that the glorious summer days have receded into autumn, the heat has been replaced by a rather damp and chilly feel, there is just a bit more hesitation when an invite to tour the garden is offered.  The prospect of wandering about in the semi gloom of an October…
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A Smart Outside Lighting Scheme Can Maximise Your Neighbour Appeal

You know how it is, you're sat around enjoying a large glass of red (or two) with that awfully charming couple from the posh house up the top of your road, laughter and bonhomie spill out all over the place and everyone seems to be having an absolute ball.  Then…