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Kitting Out your Garden with a Pond

If you have ever wanted to make your garden truly unique, why not consider building a fantastic pond? There are plenty of websites which stock all the kit you could possibly need to build a unique pond, stock it with fish and have a wildlife habitat in your garden! We particularly like the site Real Aquatics because it is so obvious that these guys really do know their stuff. Ask them any questions you may have, and they will sort you out.

Maintain Your Dream Lawn Easilyy

Getting the garden you have to look the one you want is easier than ever with artificial grass. These types of lawn make it so simple to keep a neat and tidy lawn! The best thing to do is search for artificial grass Warwickshire because you can find the best local installer for you. Get your lawns in shape with Consumer Grass.
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Smart Furniture Scheme Morphs Into Shapeless Patio

Now christmas fever has passed we are back to our normal run of events .... we can think about long lazy days in the back garden.  If hard landscaping is a feature on this summers wish list, then now is the time to be consulting the experts.   Doing the labour…
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Exterior Lighting Installation Needs Professionals

There have been lots of family based acitivities at heritage properties around my way of late.  The arrival of autumn, halloween and bonfire night extravaganzas aplenty.  Now of course, we are heading towards the festive season and the public gardens attached to these fabulous houses shine forth with uplighters, downlighters,…
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Illuminated Evening Stroll Aids Restfulness

Most folk think that garden lighting is only to guide us from the back door down to the bin store or maybe out to the garage - or that only the very biggest estates warrant any kind of exterior lighting.   Today this is largely a myth - with the sophisticated…

A Couple Of Ideas Regarding Exterior Lighting

Getting the right level of garden lighting is something that we only gain experience in if we either visit someone else's garden, or we know an expert in the field.  One man's lighitng can definitely be another man's super trooper nightmare.  For those considering an exterior lighting scheme, it is…
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Lighting Before Dawn Extends Garden Splendour

Ah these wonderful last couple of weeks of summer - the longest, hottest and driest on record in this country.  It seems so odd that we start the academic year in September and almost immediately the autumnal theme clocks in.  I personally love autumn - possibly because my birthday is…

Rescue Aided By Ladder & Outdoor Light

I was called upon to assist my neighbour a few weeks ago.  I hold a spare key for their house so that if they're away form home and their house alarms sounds, I can enter and deal with it.   Well one weekend, the chap rang in a froth, asking me…
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Neighbours’ Moving Patio Story

My dear neighbours recently moved and it was a very sad occasion - which surprised all of us considering we've been neighbours for nearly twenty years and never really been in each other's pockets.  In fact I have only been in their house twice and they in mine only four…
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Garden Lighting Brings Air Of Sophistication

I've been helping out at a very old house in recent weeks - one that opens up to the public on occasions throughout the year.  They have a wonderful garden that is famous for dahlias and their herbaceous borders.  The house has only been owned outright by three families over…
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Garden Make-Over With Exciting Furniture & Lighting Ideas

It can sometimes be a bit of a worry choosing the right knd of garden furniture to suit the surroundings and the type of weather we're going to get.  In a small surburban back yard with just a patch of green lawn, the best idea is to have space saving…
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Country Garden Needs Extra Safe Lighting Scheme

You cannot imagine how dark some gardens are until you move out to the countryside, to one that backs on to the wooded area of a manor house.  No street lights, no other houses in fact.  That is dark!  For the discerning buyer, this will not be a problem.  To…